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OpenToGrowth is an aggregated space for all topics ranging from Open banking, embedded finance, banking-as-a-service and other related subjects on the open future of banking.

OpenToGrowth strives to stimulate and inform, offering an unparalleled outlook with a wide range of analysis, white papers, case studies and in-depth coverage of all the key issues facing the embedded finance sector. OpenToGrowth’s trusted team of experts provides industry leaders and consumers with the strategic and tactical information that not only drives open banking and embedded finance professionals to the site on a regular basis, but also necessary insights to run their companies and better serve their customers towards building an embedded future. 

We constantly celebrate those that are adapting to Open banking trends and succeeding in new ways and translate industry impacts into digestible and shareable information. Our content services are published via our website www.opentogrowth.orgWe also value your time, so we always help understand key insights from our data to allow you to make informed decisions.

The Team


Ope Adeoye

Social Media Planer

Raheem Roqeeb

Content Manager

Femi Apesin


Robin Silber

Content Manager